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For Your Emotional Freedom

Consider - your journey through life.....
  • Could it be more fun?
  • Could it bring you more joy?
  • Are you heading towards a healthy happy future?
  • Do you want more?
  • Are you ready to make some changes?
  • Would you like them to be as easy as possible?


  • Do you have physical pain?
  • Does your body stop you doing what you want?
  • Would you like to understand more about why?
Easy Change

I want to help
I know I can
Lets have a chat
And make a plan

Your new life
Can start today
I'll hold your hand
And lead the way

So take a step
Towards success
And choose a path
To happiness
Conselling Coaching Self Development in Hinckley Leicestershire and Warwickshire
Five steps to getting the life you want:-

Groups courses leicestershire warwickshire
Notice that what you are thinking, feeling or doing is not working for you - perhaps it will not get you where you want to go.
Maybe notice that other people are doing things differently - so realise there might be another way
Decide y
ou want more
Make the decision that you are prepared to make some effort to explore your choices
Maybe decide to commit some time, energy and possibly even money to achieving what you really want
Decide to do something about it
From this point it is SO much easier with some support  :-)
Groups courses leicestershire warwickshire
Focus on exploring what you really want to happen in your future
Consider what is and isn't working for you in different areas of your life such as health, work, and relationships
Discover which changes are worth the effort and that you can have what you want
One by One - Clear the blockages to progress that are in your way
Maybe discover what you have learnt that holds you back and what might work instead.
Maybe have some light-bulb moments as your own truth becomes clearer and you discover more
Groups courses leicestershire warwickshire
Have the courage to take your new thinking and use it to change your life
Take new actions which reflect your new thoughts
Discover real emotional and practical freedom, power, abundance and joy
Have what you want - reach your own personal goals and dreams

Contact me to make these steps yourself - via :-

UK Moblie - 07899918378
Viber (mobile via the internet)
Email wendy4rhymes@yahoo.co.uk
Facebook profile name Wendy Dunning
Skype appointments available